Safety is Bowen’s top priority on every project, large or small, from start to finish. Project planning and safety engineering is backed by a well trained and safety conscious workforce.

Safety is the responsibility of everyone employed at Bowen Engineering & Environmental. We expect each employee, and especially those in supervisory capacities, to see that work is safely planned, safely performed, and that the requirements of all Bowen safety program’s are faithfully carried out.

Safe behaviors are a priority over speed and convenience. All employees are trained to follow health and safety plans, use work practices that minimize risk and we hold employees responsible for the safety of their co-workers as well as themselves.

Safety is always the highest priority.


Bowen Engineering has a well established training program and has developed our own detailed safety manual.
To be effective, the written safety programs must be backed by a comprehensive training program. Bowen Engineering has prepared a list of necessary training areas:

New Hires

New hires are given extensive training in all aspects of Bowen Engineering safety programs, hazard communication, GHS and on an individual basis equipment training of any type of Bowen equipment they might use.

As each employee is ready to learn new aspects of work and skills, additional training and review is continued.

Bowen Engineering Field Staff is continually refreshed in the following:

  • Asbestos Worker and Supervisor
  • Lead Awareness and Supervisor
  • First-Aid/CPR
  • Scaffold, Lift and Fall Protection
  • Operator Training

Employees are required to attend annual “refresher” classes for their particular area of training.

Throughout the year, employees are updated with any new regulations, safety topics or site specific training through handouts and weekly tailgate meetings.

Employees are encouraged to submit suggestions and make observations to foreman or supervisory personnel to continuously improve health and safety.

Project Planning

Each project is carefully planned and reviewed in all aspects. A project plan is prepared outlining specific job scope and procedures to be followed by all project employees.


OSHA 300 logs are maintained and posted on an annual basis. Our records demonstrate our commitment to safety with our EMR rating:
2020-21 EMR Rating 0.67

Safety Achievement

STEP Award Silver Level of Achievement